Har ek Friend zaruri hota hai-Friendship day special


Har ek Friend zaruri hota hai-Friendship day special

Admin Aug 24, 2021

Human beings are social animals and socializing is at our core. Without it survival is pretty grim and difficult. That’s why we make friends wherever we go. Not all friends are equal, some are closer to you than others. Some are special, some are important and some are just there for you. Some we connect with because we are extremely alike and some we connect with because they are unique. We celebrate friendship’s day to honour our friends, who make our lives special. Friends are super important in today’s hectic day and age. They are the best sources for intellectual, social and creative understanding. Each friend in a group has his or own unique feature or should I say appeal.

Some however are more special and unique than others. Here’s how you can do your bit and be an awesome friend to them too.

The Foodie

He/she is the most excited to try out new cuisines and tasty delicacies. They never discriminate a five star from a food truck as long as the food is lip smacking. They can gorge even on a weekday afternoon knowing they need to get back to work. A friend like this is very nice to have as you will never run out of new and awesome food places to try out. You should do your part and definitely talk to them about a good health insurance. Their actions are going to get them into trouble sooner or later.

The Lone Ranger

He/she is the one who lives life by their rules and takes everything that comes their way head on. They are not the ones to think about consequences as long as it is fun and off the books. You will often see them lazing in bed till late in the afternoon and come sunset they are ready to party the night away. They believe in independence and can get themselves out of any rut. Even if it is a faulty radiator in the middle of nowhere at dawn. Be a buddy, advise them to keep a copy of their automotive insurance in the dash. This will come in handy for that one time their mean machine can’t keep up with them.

The Bolly Baby

There’s always this one friend who is over obsessed with Bollywood and the glitz and glamour it brings with it. They are up to date on everything filmy. They have the latest news on the b-town couples and their lives. These guys jump trends faster than I can say ‘trends’. Fashion is also something they are hyped about and you will always see them sporting the latest goods. They are also the ones who keep telling you that they will have an awesome destination wedding far far away and it will be awesome. They are always collecting stuff for the perfect day. Do them a solid by telling them to insure their trousseau so all they need to think about is how great they want to look for the ultimate day.

The One who loses everything

Well we definitely all have this guy/gal in our army. This is the one who leaves their phone on a restaurant table after paying the bill. Losing pocket gadgets in public vehicles is also another quirk these guys have. They only realize when it is too late. Later you are the one helping them select a new budget phone. Some habits we can’t get rid off and they become our shortcomings. Keeping that in mind, please help this lost soul and remind them to check the ‘protect with insurance’ box whenever they travel.

The last type of friend sometimes misses this list because many of you do not consider them to be a friend. But come to think of it, financial advisors are some of the best friends you can get. They always make sure you make the right monetary decisions. They make sure they stay by your side through your worst times. The same goes for insurance agents, companies, etc. They plan out contingencies just in case something goes wrong. Having a safety net is always a good idea. Don’t believe us, ask a trapezist.

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