Health Insurance

PROTECTING your health, so that you can enjoy life carefree.

Health Insurance is a medical insurance policy that offers financial coverage for medical expenses when the policyholder is hospitalised. The health insurance plan ensures cashless treatment, reimburse of medical expenses & day-care hospitalisation. Moreover, health insurance cost is subsidized to the policy holder in form of tax exemption under section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961

Types of health insurance we offer 

Individual health insurance plans

Individual health insurance plans which cover a single individual under the cover

Family floater health insurance plans

Family floater health insurance plans which cover the entire family under the plan. A family consists of the policyholder, spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents. One plan covers the entire family on a floater basis. The sum insured is shared by the family members. Any member can make a claim up to the sum insured.

Critical illness health insurance plans

Critical illness health insurance plans cover major critical illnesses. If the insured is diagnosed with any covered illness, the sum insured is paid. The policyholder can use the sum insured to meet the cost of advanced treatments or pay for any other financial obligations.

Top-up health insurance plans:
Top-up health insurance plans which provide supplemental coverage at minimal rates of premiums. If individuals feel that their coverage is low, they can buy top-up plans to increase the coverage. There is a deductible limit under these plans. Any claim which is in excess of the deductible limit is paid.
Super Top-up Health Insurance:
Super top-up health insurance plans which are also called aggregate health plans. These also help to enhance the sum insured at affordable premium rates. Super top-up plans are like top-up plans. They also have a deductible limit and claims exceeding the limit are only paid. However, while top-up plans consider each instance of claim separately, super top-up plans aggregate the total claims made in a policy year and then apply them against the deductible limit. If the aggregate claims exceed the deductible, the claim is paid.
Senior Citizen Health Insurance plans

Senior citizen health insurance plans which are meant to cover individuals in their older ages. Individuals who are 61 years and above can be covered under senior citizen health insurance plans. The sum insured under these plans are limited and premiums are affordable.

Hospital Cash plans

Hospital cash plans which pay a fixed benefit for each day of hospitalisation. If the insured is hospitalised, a daily allowance would be paid every day up to a maximum period.

Disease-specific health plans which cover specified illnesses like diabetes, cancer, heart-related ailments, dengue, etc.

You should understand the types of health plans before choosing the best plan suiting your requirements.