Merger & Acquisitions

Adding value to your business.

A merger is two organizations agreeing to combine their operations and assets into a single entity whereas an acquisition is a company obtaining majority stakes of the acquired organization. Both the strategies add value to a business.

The skilled and dedicated experts of Ratnaafin ensure smooth and successful execution of each stage of a merger or an acquisition. From valuation, to negotiation to completion, each stage of the transaction has an assurance of our skilled experts with their application of correct knowledge.

Ratnaafin’s particular expertise, wide range of assets and intellectual capital offer incorporated financial assistance and solutions for managing mergers and acquisitions.

On the safe side we manage the entire process of selling a company or one of its business units for sellers on the sell side and also represent companies which receive spontaneous merger proposals or have had arrangements or conversations with third parties. On the buy side, we help the buyer that may be an individual, a company or a private group in acquiring targeted business by proposing the ideas to the client or by helping with execution of a transaction where the client has a distinguished or potential target.

How Ratnaafin can help

  • Through our network and our deep industrial knowledge we can identify opportunities and appoint teams to execute the deal according to the client’s need.
  • We spot appropriate buyers to execute sales at the best price for our client.
  • We have dedicated experts to advice clients on getting the best out of privatisation opportunities.
  • Our better understanding of the market can help companies spot other businesses that offer a good strategic feasibility and help them with mergers and acquisition that provide value and competitive edge to their business.
  • We work closely and consistently with our clients in private equity and help them with acquisitions. It is the depth of our relationship with our clients that help us in spotting best opportunities for private equity investment and appoint and assemble experts they need for the execution.

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