Motor Insurance

Giving your vehicle the CARE it deserves, so that you can have a pleasant ride.

One of the most serene experiences in life is to own your dream vehicle and taking those long drives on vast roads with your family members. However, uncertain situations can occur anytime, anywhere such as road accidents or theft that can cause damage to you, your near ones or your vehicle. Motor insurance is now no longer a mere formality, it is the legal minimum for your vehicle’s safety and maintenance. Ratnaafin’s Motor Insurance Plan enables you to compare and buy the best motor insurance plan that meets your requirements. Ratnaafin provides you with plans that are tailor made and match your needs.


Third Party Liability Policy

This policy offers insurance cover that is legally required to drive a vehicle on the roads. The policy covers the car owner’s financial liability in case any person is physically harmed or any third party property is damaged due to the car. The policy will pay for the financial loss caused to the third party.

Comprehensive Package Policy

Comprehensive policy firstly offers third party liability cover as required by law. In addition, it includes own damage (OD) cover. Under this cover, claims made to repair damages suffered by the car due to accidents, vandalism, theft, fire, man-made and natural disasters are paid.